I’m Bianca and I’m a professional software developer since 2011 but my first lines of code happened around ~2003. Of course I had no idea of what I was doing, I was eleven years old and just wanted to ship a cool anime website without copying headers through every page (PHP includes did the job and I was happy with it).

I like writing elegant Python / Go code that is easy to understand and read within small teams, with a comprehensive set of unit tests, mutation tests and integration tests. REST microservices hosted on a fully containerized infrastructure (K8S, maybe?) living behind a cool gateway solution are the types of software that I have fun writing and shipping. I like scalability and high quality software paired together with simplicity and readability.

I like infrastructure and taking care of the software I ship to production. I dislike infrastrucuture when it’s hard to manage and I tend to choose managed services on cloud platforms but I do keep an eye on the costs of what I ship.

I know how to write code in lots of languagens and I can help a team regardless of its technical stack, but I do not consider myself a full-stack developer. If I were to, I’d be a bad full-stack developer. I’m more of a half-stack developer, passionate by what’s happening between the moment you hit send on a curl command to the moment you receive your answer from the web application.

I like leading people, too, without letting go of my technical growth. After all, I lead people with a technical approach to help them grow technically, so I gotta stay sharp and learning new stuff. To do that, I am almost never in charge to deliver one of my teams projects, but I work closely with my team to make them deliver it in the best way possible.