Learning in public is gonna be a new series of blog posts in order to share some cool stuff I’ve been up to!

I’ve been up to some stuff lately! So when it comes to courses and learning stuff, I’m back at Linuxtip’s ansible training that I have stopped for a while. Mainly to take some ideas for my Go course that I’ll be launching there, and also to get more formal training on ansible, my experience was always been driven by problems at work! I’m also taking the course Distributed Data Patterns for Microservices which is gonna be super useful for some architectural challenges I have going on at work.

When it comes to readings, I’ve been reading Staff Engineer: Leadership beyond the management track by Will Larson which is highly relevant for the current stage of my career. After spending some time managing people and deciding to go back to the technical track, I am very exciting about finding ways to lead within the IC career track.

I’m also looking at multiple resources to improve my hand-writing, drawing and visual thinking skills. I bought a paper-like protection screen to my iPad and I have been taking some opportunities to draw architectures and thoughts when debugging in it. The more I do it, the less messy it gets. These resources have been helpful so far:

Not finding a lot of energy to keep up with the (Go framework I started developing)[https://github.com/biancarosa/ez] lately, maybe because architectural challenges at work became more fun at the time being. I will likely get back to it soon, though!